Nunchuk and Coinkite Announce Strategic Partnership

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Mar 01, 2023
Nunchuk and Coinkite Announce Strategic Partnership

Nunchuk and Coinkite are proud to announce our strategic partnership, which combines Nunchuk's cutting-edge custody solutions with Coinkite's world-class hardware products to offer Bitcoin users the most secure and convenient way to safeguard their bitcoin.

With Nunchuk's intuitive software interface and Coinkite's advanced security features, users can now store, manage, and inherit their bitcoin with ease and confidence. As part of this partnership, Nunchuk subscribers will enjoy exclusive discounts on Coinkite's popular hardware devices, including TAPSIGNER and COLDCARD. These devices are fully integrated and supported in Nunchuk apps, giving users access to advanced security features with a seamless, user-friendly interface.

NVK, Coinkite's CEO, said: “We, at Coinkite, take pride in designing secure hardware primitives for the Bitcoin industry, and Nunchuk has proven equally clever and resourceful in packaging Coinkite's hardware products into an intuitive software interface. This partnership will allow us to offer new security tradeoffs and self-custody practices to end-users that were previously only available to tinkerers.”

Hugo Nguyen, the founder of Nunchuk, added: “We're excited to offer our customers the best of both worlds with Coinkite's innovative hardware products and Nunchuk's comprehensive self-custody solution. Our inheritance plan ensures that our customers' bitcoin can be safely passed on to their loved ones, and our advanced multisig solution is one of the most secure options on the market today. The self custody market is a multi-billion dollar market and we are excited about the opportunities ahead.”

We look forward to working together and providing our users with the most secure and convenient Bitcoin custody solution available.

The Nunchuk and Coinkite teams.

About Coinkite: Coinkite is a leader in security and hardware manufacturing, maker of some of the most iconic Bitcoin-only products, such as OPENDIME, COLDCARD, BLOCKCLOCK, SATSCARD, TAPSIGNER and SATSCHIP. More details at

About Nunchuk: Nunchuk’s mission is to make safe Bitcoin custody accessible to millions of people around the world through the use of multisig technology. To learn about Nunchuk’s cutting-edge Bitcoin multisig wallet and subscription plans, visit


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