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Single Point of Failure

Bitcoin's greatest strength is also a weakness. A simple phrase, or 32 bytes of secret, can protect and move billions of dollars. Yet the risk of losing that secret creates huge burdens on the user. A single point of failure.

Solution: Multisig

The good news is that a solution already exists. Just like the two-man rule used to prevent accidental or malicious launch of nuclear weapons, multisig technology requires multiple keys to control funds. The bad news is that so far it has remained inaccessible to most. Well, until now.

Simplicity & Safety

Nunchuk is the combination of our obsession with simplicity and safety, and years of maturing technologies, such as hardware signers, descriptor and PSBT. Nunchuk offers both a basic feature set for standard users, as well as an advanced one for the more experienced.

BASIC Hardware signing
Signer health check
PSBT format
Native descriptor wallets
Single-sig wallets
One-time escrow multisig wallet
Message signing
Transaction batching
ADVANCED Airgap signing
Replace-by-Fee (RBF)
Manual fee selection
Manual coin selection
Manual UTXO consolidation
Import/Export descriptors
Data encryption
Personal server
TOR proxy

Hardware support

Thanks to HWI, we are able to support the majority of hardware wallets on the market, including, but not limited to

Developer Corner

Nunchuk's core library is open source under the MIT license.

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